Duet for body and scanner
audiovisual performance-installation
feat. Federica Dauri
Public presentation: 23/09/2017
Sofia, Bulgaria


Interactive audio-visual composition feat. Katharina Koeller, commissioned by Intel, 2016


A/V performance-installation for two actuators and an audience
Theater Spielraum - Vienna, Austria
Theater Mousonturm // NODE 15 - Frankfurt, Germany
Public presentation: 24-26/09/2015
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A/V Performance
ATALAIA Artes, Ourique - Portugal
Public presentation: 4/10/2014


audio-visual performance
Spielraum - Vienna, Austria


Audio-visual composition
Fascinate Conference - SHOWCASE
Falmouth - UK


Motherbox is a site specific audio-visual installation produced within my research in 3D projection mapping & sound-design at Schmiede 2013 RETURN in Hallein - Austria.


Audio visual concert for Harp & Hang, SpaceTime Helix and Reactive Visuals - experiment between Martina Stock & Christian Schratt, Michela Pelusio and Antony Raijekov - produced at Schmiede "RETURN" 2013 in Hallein - Austria


Audio-Visual performance, developed in collaboration with Federica Dauri and Alberto Novello, during our residencies at STEIM & DansMakers 2013 in Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Epi::Akten @ T.Off

Epi::Akten performance with Federica Dauri and Alberto Novello during our participation at T.Off festival for contemporary dance in Cagliari, Sardinia - Italy


Motion-tracking & sound studies with Federica Dauri and Alberto Novello during our residency at Trasformatorio Zero in Montalbano Castle, Sicily - Italy


Media enhanced acoustic performance in collaboration with Martina Stock, Christian Schratt and This.Play a.k.a Antony Raijekov & Emanuel Andel at the watertower in Vienna - Austria.

People Move People

Participatory audio-visual installation, collaboration with Martina Stock, presented at "Lange Nacht der Museen" 2013 Stadtgalerie Salzburg - Austria

Quantum Picture #3

Performative audio-visual installation controlled by movement. Open rehearsal with Sara de Santis, presented at the Showcase of Fascinate Conference 2013 in Falmouth - UK

Quantum Picture #2

Participatory 3D projection mapping installation controlled by movement at Trasformatorio Zero 20013 in Montalbano Castle, Sicily - Italy

Quantum Picture #1

Participatory visual installation controlled by movement and presence impact. Presented at Q202 in Vienna - Austria


Experiment with interactive visualisations, motion tracking and generative sound with This.Play a.k.a Antony Raijekov & Emanuel Andel, Mathias Husinsky and Andreas 'Muk' Haider at Schmiede "Zero" 2012 in Hallein - Austria.


Audio-visual interactive environment by Maurice Benayoun in cooperation with This.Play a.k.a Antony Raijekov and Emanuel Andel, curated by Lina Stergiou at Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center 2012 in Athens - Greece

Virtual Insanity

Visual-active dance theater by Flowmotion Dance Company, generative animation by Martin Zeplichal, motion tracking by This.Play a.k.a Antony Raijekov and Emanuel Andel at DSCHUNGEL theater 2011/2012 in Vienna - Austria


Site-spacific stream-theater performance based on Harold Pinter's texts with Bilyana Kazakova, Peter Peykov and Janet Yovcheva at A:part:mental 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Theater performance based on "Krapp's last tape" by Samuel Beckett with Naum Shopov, stage design by Elena Ivanova at The National Theater "Ivan Vazov" 2008/2009 in Sofia - Bulgaria


Site specific theater performance based on Jon Fosse's play. Director Peter Stoyschev, with Vesela Kazakova and Bojidar Popchev at Hambara 2005/2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria


Participatory music installation ("audio-visual tryptich Mediabox") at the National Culture Palace in Sofia, Bulgaria. Supported by ArtContact / InterSpace and awarded by ComputerSpace 2006


Antoni Raijekov is an interdisciplinary artist working in the field of music, theater and digital arts born in Sofia, Bulgaria and currently living in Vienna, Austria. He has a master degree in theater directing and bachelor in drama acting at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts "K. Sarafov" (Sofia, Bulgaria).
He studied musical improvisation at the Vienna Konservatorium (Austria) and computer programming at LearningTree(London, UK) and was an IT consultant for the United Nations Office, Vienna. He is a co-founder of the vienna based New Media label THIS.PLAY, focused on interactive technologies and art, and guest lecturer in Interactive Media in the University for Applied Science, St.Pölten, Austria and Academy for Fine Arts (Digital Arts MA program) - Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude - Stuttgart, Germany and Akademie Hallein - Hallein, Austria, For his works, he obtained awards, fellowships and grants from ProHelvetia, Soros Foundation, ComputerSpace, Ministry of culture - Bulgaria, BKA - Austria, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Akademie Hallein, among others.

email: a.raijekov {at}